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Setting Up A Tax-Free Non-Resident Domestic Corporation in the Marshall Islands:

Let our expert consultants guide you on how to properly set up a corporate entity free of any taxation in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, (RMI). We can help you maximize the financial benefits of an offshore company and protect you from personal liability. We have assisted numerous business owners in the formation of anĀ International Business Company (IBC) in the Marshall Islands also known a Non-Resident Domestic Corporation to receive the financial and legal benefits of having an Offshore Company in the Marshall Islands.

Offshore Corporations are Exempt From Taxes:

Marshall Islands Non-Resident Domestic Corporations are statutorily exempt from any corporate tax, including income tax, corporate profit tax, withholding tax, asset tax, stamp duty or exchange controls. Marshall Islands’ corporations are governed by the Business Corporations Act. 1990, (BCA), and are Regulated by the Registrar of Corporations. Corporate documentation must be submitted in English, but may be accompanied by a certified foreign language translation. Normally it takes only one business day to form a Marshall Islands Corporation.

RMI Trading Restrictions

A Marshall Island Corporation is only restricted from engaging in Insurance or Banking business.

Selecting a Corporate Name for Your RMI Offshore Business Entity

The name of your Non-Resident Domestic Corporation can be in any language as long as Roman characters are used.

Types of RMI Non-Resident Domestic Coporations

Limited Liability Corporations, (LLC) and Limited Partnerships, (LP).

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